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Every skater’s dream is to get sponsored right? Well the good folks over at El Skate Shop are giving you that chance! Free decks, gear and more are just some of the perks of being sponsored which means that you can concentrate on doing what you love, Skating. Of course, in order to get sponsored and stay that way there are a couple things that you must do:

1. Be able to skate! says you don’t have to go the biggest or throw down flawless tres, but you do have to skate with creativity and style. Show something different and special. Be yourself in other words.

2. REPRESENT. Tell your friends and show the world that you are proud to ride for El Skate Shop.

What is El Skate Shop? is (you guessed it) a skate shop that has been around for quite some time (1997, I’m not sure that they have been an online shop since then, in ’97 the internet was still kinda new and shiny and most businesses didn’t have sites yet). They offer all the fine skate products that you have come to expect and might I add, have a few rather interesting ads on their site, humorously controversial even, so be sure to look for those.

To try your hand at getting sponsored or just check things out, run on over to and look on the left hand side for “Sponsorship”. Click that and follow the instructions to submit your information and hopefully make the pro team!

Are you up for it? Let us know in the comments. Good Luck!

Your Chance to Get Sponsored at by


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