Without Skateboarding I Don’t Know Where I’d Be

The other day a good friend sent a story on why he loves skateboarding. Josten Dooley is the young skater/entrepreneur mastermind behind positivewayoflife.com where he shares uplifting caveats of introspective wisdom and positive thinking almost daily.

So without further adieu, here’s Josten:

Ever since I started skateboarding my life has been amazing. The way that I started skateboarding was pretty interesting. I started by letting my friend who had a skateboard borrow my laser tag and he had a skateboard. Eventually I found out a way so that I’d keep the skateboard and he’d keep my laser tag. This was about 1999-2001 era.

Truly I believe that if I did not start skateboarding I’d probably be somewhere playing basketball in college. Not that I have anything against doing that.  Doing what my life was written out to be. But instead I found love in something I enjoy doing. When skateboarding started flowing through my veins it never stopped.

I filled the walls in my bedroom from top to bottom with skateboard pictures. Once I even slept with my skateboard. I don’t really know how my family looked at me skateboarding more so I believe they did not understand at that time. Now they have a greater understanding of what it meant and still means to me.

As I started to get older i eventually fell out of it and ended up quitting. Earlier this year in March I vacationed in California and I got back into skateboarding. My brother from another family as well as his uncles and aunts reside there. Immediately with a few days we got back our old tricks and then some.

The feeling I still get from skateboarding is totally pure estacy. Landing a trick or trying something new I enjoy the challenge. Hanging with friends and watching as each of you get better each day is pure joy. Doing just that is what I love and not worrying about getting paid to do it and etc.

Even when I’ve been skateboarding for hours and my body starts to get tired I want to continue skateboarding.  That is how much I enjoy doing it. There’s days that if I have not been skateboarding my day will not be complete. Skateboarding has positively impacted my life by the challenge mentally and physically.

By attempting to ollie down stairs, a handrail or learning new tricks on flatground that is what I enjoy. Because it’s a sense of accomplishment over and over. Knowing what I’m capable of. So if you are starting to skateboard or you already are keep on pushing and do not quit.

Yours Truly,
Josten Dooley


Without Skateboarding I Don't Know Where I'd Be by


  1. Anya says

    Hey, I’m doing a project over the Evolution of the Longboard and Skateboard for my history class and I would like to know if I could use your website as a source of information, please email me back as soon as possible, thanks.

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