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Known for great stability during manuals, nose grind and 5-0 grinds, Venture Trucks is one of the earliest truck companies still around has been manufacturing quality skateboard trucks since the early 1980′s.

Venture began making trucks specially designed for street skating in the 90′s and has become a mainstay in the industry.

Venture Truck Co. is based in San Francisco, California.

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  1. edgar ukstin says

    Hi Skatessentials company,
    I love your brand, and was wondering if you guys
    could mail me some stickers for free so I can represent your stuff?
    Keep up the great work!

  2. Alexander hardy says

    Could you send me some info on how I can get a base plate for my ventures the Morgan smith Toronto blue jays brand please and thank you

    • says

      Hi Alexander,

      The Venture Morgan Smith Bluejay Trucks came out in 2013 and appear to be discontinued.

      A lot of Ventures will fit the same baseplate, so you could try getting some new baseplates in blue.

      Closest I could find is here:

      Not sure if they will do just baseplates, but let me know what happens!

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