Tony Hawk Ride Video Game Preview

Tony Hawks newest game Ride, will blow you away. For anyone tired of the current multitude of “all the same” skateboard games, TH Ride is here to redefine the skateboarding video game experience.

To start, take a look at this board that comes with the game:

The Tony Hawk Ride skateboard deck controller

Standing on the skateboard periferal controller, subtle movements such as rocking left and right or leaning on the nose or tail control the movements of your skater as if you were actually skating in the game! Balance the nose or tail for a manual, flick your toe of the edge for a kickflip, even grabs are possible! The grip tape like top surface helps keep your feet from sliding off.

The board is completely wireless and reportedly will be powered by two AA size bateries. Infrared sensors on both sides of the board detect movements for pushing and grabs and accelerometers inside of the board detect your stance and balance to accurately control your in-game skater.

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I am seriously excited after having gone through most of the Tony Hawks Pro Skater series, this is a huge jump in interactivity and will add a new dimension to gaming. The game includes up to eight player multiplayer mode and online play with different difficulty levels skating at locations all over the world.

Be sure to check out this exclusive Tony Hawk Ride video game preview video to get a sneak peek at the next generation of skateboard games.

Tony Hawk Ride is available on PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii.

Tony Hawk: Ride official release date is November 17th, 2009. Of course the game ships with the skateboard deck controller.


This just in: You can try out TH Ride for yourself at Quicksilver stores starting on September 20th!

Just Released, Tony Hawk Ride is now available!

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