Tom Sims Inventor and Pioneer of Snowboarding Passes Away

On Wednesday, September 12, 2012 innovator, legend and pioneer of modern snowboarding, Tom Sims passed away due to cardiac arrest.

Sims grew up skiing and skateboarding and combined his love at a young age to create what was first called a “skiboard”. Of course, he continually improved the design which became known as a snowboard and is credited with creating the first metal edged snowboard, among several other innovations.

But it wasn’t all snowboarding for Tom Sims

Tom’s company, Sims was at one time the largest skate company in the world and Tom worked hard to develop and improve skateboarding, creating skateboards and wheels that were better, stronger and faster. He is also credited with building and selling the world’s first longboard skateboards.

Tom was a world champion skater and snowboarder. In the 1970′s his Sims Skateboarding riders included other early pioneers such as Tony Hawk and Stacy Peralta!

He was behind numerous other skate and snowboard innovations and was considered the lead advocate and pioneer for the boardsports lifestyle that millions of us now live and breathe.

A visit to shows the entire site locked out in dedication to Tom Sims’ memory.


Tom Sims
Forever missed,
forever loved and
forever a legend.
Tom’s accomplishments speak for themselves. A true pioneer, Tom brought forward thinking concepts and innovations that forever changed the landscape of the snow and skate industry. His constant quest for the deepest powder, the longest downhill paved road and the smoothest wave has been and always will be an inspiration to us all.

- RIP Tom Sims, We are eternally grateful for all that you’ve done!

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      Tom Sims defined snowboarding and helped shape an entire culture so you’re right, no one can do that, but there is always opportunity to create something new, a new fusion and passion!

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