Snowboarding – The Thrill of Flying Down the Hill

I remember learning about snowboarding in a skate magazine, Thrasher probably. Snowboarding wasn’t popular, even unknown to many, except skiers who HATED those guys. Of course, me being a young skater, the thought of trading my skis for something that seemed a lot like skateboarding on snow was thrilling. So the next time I went “skiing”, I decided to rent a snowboard, much to the dismay of everyone else in my group. It wasn’t easy, honestly I spent most of that day eating snow by way of major face plants (the edge of the board digging into the snow and slamming you down face first), but I was hooked. I spent the rest of that winter converting snow sleds into homemade snowboards and saving up for my first board.

Snowboarding is about the style and freedom that it allows you. There’s nothing quite like feeling the powder in your face while you rip down the hill (or mountain) or discovering paths with plenty of bumps and ruts in the woods between groomed trails. Then there is always the absolute air that you can command, spins, slides and just straight hacking around on your board.

Today I do not snowboard as much as I would like to and since this is a skate site, the focus is on skateboarding, but don’t worry, my good friend Dan over at has a wealth of snowboarding information, tricks tips, photos and videos. So if you’re into snowboarding or new to the sport, check it out!

Snowboarding - The Thrill of Flying Down the Hill by

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