Skateboard Wheels – Spin ‘em

At some point, you will have to land a huge ollie or come down off that rail, and for that moment, you will want to have a good set of skateboard wheels.

Skateboard wheels come in a variety of sizes (52mm, 54mm, 60mm, etc.), colors, designs and materials, some being harder and others softer and “stickier”. Just about any skateboard company offers wheels with their graphics and sponsored skater models, although if you skate hard, the graphics tend to wear off rather quickly and while some would have you believe that you should replace your wheels each time the graphic wears off, it’s not necessary. You can wait until wheels are worn down or have flat spots.

Skateboard wheels, along with bearings, will determine your speed. Wheels with a larger diameter will allow greater speed and a smoother ride, while smaller wheels weigh less, giving more control for tricks.

What’s your preferred skateboard wheel size?

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    I used to skate these little tiny wheels barely thicker than the bearings. I thought it looked cool and my board was super lightweight. But I would always get caught up in cracks and on little rocks and stuff, plus it was SLOW. So I moved up to 54′s.

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