Skateboard Clothing – Feel great while you skate!

Tired of hours of searching through bins at the local salvation army to find skater clothes? Having the right gear will make you feel great while you skate or while you chill.

Virtually everyone on earth makes skateboarding t-shirts these days, which are an important item for showing your personality and for less restriction of movement while you skate.

Hoodies and hoodzips are perfect for those late night skate sessions using the loading dock behind the local supermarket as a launch ramp, grinding the ledge or seeing who can ollie over the stray shopping cart.

A good pair of pants for skateboarding should not only look fly, but be functional. This means, a waist that fits, so that they don’t fall down every time you kickflip, loose legs for free movement (unless you are trying to look like this guy) and a hem that does not slip under the heel of your shoe, which causes serious problems for landings since the outsole can’t grab the griptape.

Skate shorts can be necessary on hot summer days and should also fit well at the waist while allowing for freedom of movement.

Skateboarding hats, belts and other accessories will complete your unique look, preparing you to thrash in style!

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