Skateboard Bearings – Slow your roll?

Gaining speed is the last thing you want to worry about while getting set to ollie a big gap. So if your board is riding rough, if you are pushing hard, but still cannot reach the speed you need or slow down immediately after pushing, it may be time to change skateboard bearings.

While some may think “bearings are bearings”, the reality is that there are big differences in quality depending on the skateboard bearings that you choose. You may be familiar with the term “ABEC rating” which is a system used to determine the precision of bearings, the higher the rating, the more precise. However, ABEC rating alone is not enough to choose a good set of skateboard bearings. Important factors to consider are the materials used, the lubrication of the bearings and the ability to withstand strong impacts (like those received daily from hard landings).

Bearings that are properly sealed can work great for a long time in the right conditions. If you skate in wet or dirty locations, removable shield bearings can be taken apart for cleaning and lubrication which will increase their lifespan.

So what are the best skateboard bearings? That depends on your budget. Even if you choose the fastest skateboard bearings on earth, make sure that they will not give you any trouble so that you can concentrate on your skating.

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