Skate Shoes – Kicks for flips

While skating your feet need to grip the board, give you feel and keep your feet and ankles protected, a good pair of skateboarding shoes will not only do that, but will also keep you riding in style.

Some skate shoes may look great, but would be destroyed in short order by repeated ollies, kickflips and heavy pushing. When selecting the best shoes, consider the toe and side protection provided (usually by an extra layer of leather or rubber in this area), the outer sole should be both durable and somewhat sticky in order to provide good grip, the weight of the shoes (you don’t want to skate around in work boots) and the ventilation, because if your skate shoes are always wet inside it will greatly reduce their life, and your comfort level, and let’s not mention the stench!

What’s your favorite skate shoe? What shoe have you tried that just didn’t do it for you?

Skate Shoes - Kicks for flips by

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