Sk8Grl, Making a Positive Difference in Girls Skateboarding

Are you a female skater feeling a little left out in the seemingly male dominated world of skateboarding? Well you must know that everyone loves a skater chick and you don’t have to feel lonely anymore thanks to the totally rad people at Sk8Grl.

Womens Pro Skater Holly Lyons at the XGames

Founded by female professional skater Holly Lyons in 2006, Sk8Grl offers female apparel for skaters. I know you’re thinking, “great, another clothing company”, but Sk8Grl is so much more than that. Holly defines Sk8Grl as not just a company, but a way to give back female skaters of all ages by creating a community and world where girls can be themselves, be inspired and grow and achieve their full potential through skateboarding or any other passion that they might have.

The professional team at Sk8Grl is dedicated to making girls skating bigger and better by creating fun, educational and totally entertaining products and services for females of all ages. It’s about teaching girls that they can be great skaters and still be feminine, instilling self confidence and creating healthy, positive memories through skateboard clothes, products, games, camps, clinis, videos, TV and more. To sum it all up Holly says “We are all one, and especially now we need to support each other and live well with one another, no matter how different we may seem. ¬†Skateboarding is for everyone. ¬†Through camaraderie NOT competition we can all win!”. Interested? Check out where you can add your profile, pic or video, and connect with other skater girls all over the world.

Back to the pro team, besides Holly Lyons, Sk8Grl team members Gaby Ponce (15) and Allysha Bergado (only 11 years old!) have both participated twice in the Women’s Vert event at the X Games with Gaby taking home the Bronze in the summer of 2009 at the age of 15! Be sure to check their photos below:

Sk8Grl Pro Girl Skater Gaby Ponce

Sk8Grl Pro Girl Skater Allysha Bergado

Sk8Grl Pro Girl Skater Holly Lyons

Now, in addition to being a strong positive influence for female skaters everywhere, Sk8Grl does make some uniquely beautiful skatewear as you can see here.

Hot Skate Gear for Girls from Sk8Grl

You will find their entire catalog at Just be sure to let us know when you get your gear, we want pics!

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