Shove It Trick Tip – How to do a Shuvit on a Skateboard

Learning the skateboard shove it is easier than you think and will prepare you for more complex skate tricks that involve some of the same basic foot movements.

Riding in your normal stance, place your front foot over the front bolts and your back foot on the tail of the board. Push down a little on your back foot and pull it backwards while at the same time pushing your front foot forward and jumping. The board will slide around, wait until it has completed a 180 (nose is now where the tail was) and land on it.

To do a fakie shove it, repeat the same steps as above while riding fakie.

The difference between a frontside shove it and a backside shove it is in the direction that you push/pull the board. If you push the nose forward with your front foot, you will be doing a frontside shove it. If you pull the nose backwards with your front foot while pushing the tail forwards, you will be doing a backside shove it. Practice both to improve balance and control of your skateboard and if you are having trouble, make sure that you are not leaning back or forth, let your feet do the work.

The shove it does not require that you know how to ollie, but will help you learn how to pop the tail of your deck. The harder you push down and pop, the more the board will rise off the ground.

Shove It Trick Tip - How to do a Shuvit on a Skateboard by

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