Satori Skateboard Wheels Company

Satori manufactures high quality skateboard wheels and also offers Satori Movement apparel. The Satori wheels pro team includes Kenny Anderson, Willy Santos, Josh Falk, Danny Montoya, Aaron Suski among many others. And while there is usually not much to say about most skateboard wheels,

Satori deserves special attention for doing their part for the environment with their EcoThane Pro Series wheels which are constructed using 50% bio oils and the Recycled Core Series wheels which are, well… recycled. Nice one! With a rather large selection of beautiful designs, different construction methods and hard and soft models all guaranteed against flat spots, you should definitely check them out.

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    Hey I am Cody Nix from Las Vegas Nv, I moved to Dallas October 4th and I would like to get on the team. I am regular, I am 18 years old and graduated in June of this year. I skate everyday, it’s my passion and it’s what I want to do for the rest of my life. My sponsor me tape recently got me on Kevin Tonkin’s clothing line “Brilyent”, and I feel this team would suit me best. I have a SONY FX1 camera and i am ALWAYS down to film.

    Thank you for your time i appreciate you taking time out of your day to acknowledge me.

    Again thank you.

    Sponsor me

    First try line

    Switch Hardflip

    My ParkMinute

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