Ryan Sheckler Bio

Name: Ryan Sheckler

Stats: Birthday – Dec. 30, 1989
Resides in California

Bio: Skating since he was a toddler, Ryan Sheckler has proven himself as a top skater at a young age by winning skate contests including the X Games, Gravity Games, Vans Triple Crown, World Cup of Skateboarding and many others. He is also the youngest skater to ever win a pro competition. If you don’t know him by his skating merits alone, you will also have seen him in the movie “Grind” on his MTV show “Life of Ryan” and even in multiple videogames.

Sponsors: Etnies, Independent, Plan B, Volcom, Mob Grip, FKD

Ryan wears his pro model skate shoes etnies Sheckler when he skates.

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