Pop Shove It Trick Tip – How to do a Pop Shove it on a Skateboard

In order to learn how to pop shuvit on a skateboard (AKA pop shove it), it is recommended that you be comfortable landing a normal shove it. The pop shove it is performed in the air rather than just sliding the wheels across the ground and with practice you can even pop shuvit over objects or off of curbs, walls or fun boxes.

To get started, attempt this trick while at a stand still. Place your front foot just behind the front bolts and your back foot on the tail of the skateboard deck. Kick your back foot down, stomping the tail, while at the same time jumping into the air and pushing the nose of the board outwards with your front foot in the same fashion as you would in a normal shove it. The action of stomping the tail will give the pop in the shove it, lifting the wheels of the skateboard off the ground. The harder you pop and the more fluid you become with the timing will determine the height reached.

Allow the nose of the board to rotate 180 degrees (nose becomes the tail) until it is underneath your back foot and quickly place your feet back on the board and land the trick. If you are having trouble with the board kicking out and not rotating directly underneath you, continue to practice and pay attention to where you are transferring weight. If you attempt to push the nose out too late this will cause the board to fly forward, away from you.

Once you can land this trick at a stand still, begin to practice while riding. You may even find it easier to do while in movement.

A fakie pop shuvit is a pop shove it done while riding fakie and is definitely much more difficult to pull off.

If you have mastered the pop shove it and the fakie pop shove it, practice doing a nollie pop shove it or mix it up by attempting to pop shove it over objects.

Pop Shove It Trick Tip - How to do a Pop Shove it on a Skateboard by


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