Pitcher Park Memorial Skatepark

Mary Pitcher, a mother of four in Dormont, Pennsylvania, lost two of her sons July 15, 2008 when they drowned during a camping trip. One brother jumped into the river to save the other and they were found after seven hours of searching, 100 feet below water, still clinging to each other.

Brothers Vince and Stephen Pitcher, like many others in the area, were into skateboarding and bmx biking, but without a good spot to practice safely. Sound familiar?

The loss of the Pitcher brothers has inspired Mary and the community of Dormont to take action and come together to build a memorial skatepark honoring their name that will be called “Pitcher Park”. Now, skateparks are not cheap by any means and considering that Mary, her two sons, the brothers friends and the community are taking this on by themselves, they need all the help they can get!

The Pitcher Park Memorial Fund accepts monetary donations, building materials, physical assistance with construction and I’m sure almost any other way you can think of to help out. In return for your generosity, the Memorial Skatepark Committee will be printing the names of each business and each individual involved with the donations on a beautiful plaque outside of the skate park,  which will stand for at least the next 50 years.

Can you think of a better reason to build a skatepark? No donation is too small, do your part to help make this dream come true!

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More information: www.pitcherpark.com

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