Nose Stall Trick Tip – How to do a Nose Stall on a Skateboard

The nose stall is another easy beginner skateboard trick. It is called a nose stall because the trick consists of placing the nose of the deck on something like a curb, retaining wall, fun box, car bumper or whatever else you can think of and holding that position for a prolonged period of time (stalling out).

The following is an explanation of how to do a nose stall on a curb (this does not require you to ollie). Higher objects such as walls or handrails may require you to ollie first in order to stall the nose of your deck.

While riding forward, approach the curb (don’t go too fast to start or you will be launched). When you are about a board’s length from the curb, transfer weight to your back foot to lift the nose of the deck and quickly step down on the nose shifting weight to your front foot to place the nose on the curb. When done correctly, the front wheels will hit the side of the curb due to your momentum. Now you are on the curb, tail in the air, this is the nose stall. Balance this position for as long as you like, then to get off the curb, shift your weight to your back foot (tail of the deck) while lightly lifting your front foot. Roll away.

The nose stall is a great trick for practicing weight balance on the board and will prepare you for other nose tricks. Once you have it mastered, you can also use your stall time to practice skateboard grabs, turning the simple nose stall into a nose stall grab trick.

Nose Stall Trick Tip - How to do a Nose Stall on a Skateboard by

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