Manual Skate Trick Tip – How to do a manual on a skateboard

Skateboard manual tricks are basic, easy tricks, but are fundamental for practicing balance and control of the board and can be used in complex combos with other tricks for an added wow factor. Ollie to manual, kickflip to manual and extra points awarded for the length or amount of time you can ride the manual.

“Tricks” is used because there are actually many different ways to do a manual on a skateboard.

The first, normally referred to as “manual” is done by riding in your normal stance and balancing on just the back two wheels. While rolling, with your back foot behind the back bolts, shift weight off your front foot and the nose should start to rise. Hold your balance in this position for as long as you can. Use your arms for balance and be careful not to transfer too much weight to the back or you will be dragging the tail of your deck.

The fakie manual is exactly the same, except done while riding fakie or switch and is a bit more difficult.

A nose manual is done by balancing on the nose or front two wheels of the board. While riding in your normal stance, move your front foot in front of the bolts. Shift your weight to your front foot on the nose of the board and the tail of the board will start to rise. If you are having trouble note your foot placement and try practicing with your back foot moved up over the back bolts. The nose manual is considered much more difficult than a regular manual due to the balance required and shifting too much weight to the front will cause the nose to catch the pavement and send you into a nasty spill.

Nose manual to nose grind down a picnic table

A fakie nose manual is a nose manual done while riding fakie (switch stance).

Other variations of the manual can involve balancing on just one wheel or on one foot or both feet on the nose or tail of the skateboard.

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