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Name: Kenny Anderson

Stats: Birthday – Jan. 29, 1976
Resides in California

Bio: Kenny is known to be an extremely smooth skater, pulling off sick skate tricks with grace and style.


Kenny turned pro skater all the way back in 1998 and he’s kind of a funny guy, saying that the top reasons that he skates a board until it’s dead are:

  • If it aint broke don’t fix it
  • He only gets one board a month from Chocolate (yeah right)
  • He likes his deck to be nice and broken in
  • It prevent kids from asking for his board at demos because it’s worse than theirs!
  • He can’t find tools when it’s time to build a new complete

Kenny Anderson has also been featured as a pro skater in multiple skate videos including many of the 411VM videos.

Sponsors: Chocolate, Converse, Independent, Satori, Poler, The Back Forty

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  1. Rhonda Miller says

    You are the shiznit! and your hot and I totally love you, your my favorite skateboarder in the whole wide world!!!!!

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