Introducing the Skateboard Kid

Stuart “Skateboard Kid” Anderson is a skater that makes music, a lot of music! He stays very busy and it seems that he is cranking out new tracks like every day.

Born in Charleston,SC the Skateboard Kid has always had big dreams. He started skating early as a child, but was restricted from skateboarding due to being diagnosed with the medical condition Hemophilia which basically means that blood does not clot properly and even the slightest cuts will bleed severely (risky business if you’re skateboarding).

Introducing the Skateboard Kid

During middle school, the Skateboard Kid began messing around with Fruity Loops (a software program for composing music) recording silly, crazy tracks for fun and exploring his musical prowess.

After having knee surgery, in 2008 the Skateboard Kid went against his doctor’s orders and got back into skateboarding saying “we only live once and I will die to make my dreams come true”. His favorite skaters are Terry Kennedy and Rodney Mullen.

Today he is an up and coming skater and music producer saying about Pharrell, his biggest influence in style, personality and music, “He made me wanna make beats”. You can get a taste of the Skateboard Kid’s tracks here:

Want to know more about the Skateboard Kid? You will find him on Myspace, Twitter and Soundclick.

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  1. Yasmanialejandro says

    The idiots saying that Mike V can’t call something lame don’t know what they’re talking about. Mike V’s skating is no less skating then anyone else’s. He is a veteran skateboarder, and if anything, he has more say in the matter then any skater today on any topic related to skateboarding.

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