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Ever since I got into skating, Flip Skateboards has always been among my favorite skate brands. Maybe it’s the original crazy artwork or the punkish attitude or maybe it’s the stellar pro team that has represented Flip over the years.

Flip Skateboards as we know it started in California in 1994 (prior to ’94 is was based in England and known as Deathbox Skateboards). I still remember the day that I replaced my worn out 8.25″!!!! deck for a brand new Flip Skateboard deck (the Tom Penny Shroom 7.62″ deck to be exact, ROCK!).

Honestly, I still haven’t had a deck that I enjoy as much as I did that first Flip deck, call it melancholy. The dimensions, concave, the feel, response and pop make the decks feel just right.

Of course, Flip doesn’t just make skateboard decks, they also provide wheels, fine apparel and accesories plus two absolutely great skateboarding videos “Sorry” and “Really Sorry”.

Huge riding talent like Tom Penny, Geoff Rowley, Lance Mountain, Rune Glifberg and Bob Burnquist have also done their part to make Flip one of the elite skateboard brands in the world.

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