Custom Skate Shoes How to Design Your Own Custom Etnies

Etnies custom skate shoes are here. Ever been searching to make the perfect skate shoes only to be disappointed by the lack of options? Maybe you have been through thousands of possibilities, but have yet to find the shoe that is YOU.

Click Here to Build and Customize Your Own Skate Shoes

An etnies online store exclusive, now you can design and customize your own custom skate shoes that are not only great for skating, but also completely personalized by YOU.

custom skate shoes etnies Sale

Start by choosing the base model of the etnies skate shoe that you want to build. Two of the most popular models are the etnies Callicut and the Fader. Design Your Own allows you to customize your own shoes with colors and designs for over 12 different parts of the shoe.

Why Custom etnies?
  • Online Exclusive, You Can’t Get These in Stores
  • Your Name Embroidered on Your Unique Skate Shoe
  • Custom etnies design tool makes 1000′s of combinations possible

With so many options, there are literally thousands of unique combinations available. There is even an option to name your custom skate shoes, where you can add a custom ID which could be your name, nickname or whatever else you could possibly want to have stitched onto the side of your new kicks.

How much do custom etnies cost?

Prices to purchase custom etnies design your own shoes have just been slashed making them more affordable than ever. No, seriously they’re probably less expensive than you think, with Men’s and Women’s starting at $60 and Kids at $55! And etnies now accepts Paypal for added convenience! These are your very own totally custom etnies skate shoes and you should factor in couple weeks for them to be specially made. Don’t be stuck with a generic shoe, Build and customize your own etnies shoes.

Using the etnies Design Your Own custom skate shoes free online tool is super easy. Watch the above video to learn step by step.

We want to see your custom shoes! Create, make and show off your custom etnies on Skatessentials. Get started by building and customizing your own etnies, then comment below with a photo of your unique creation. The best designs will be featured later on the site!

Due to the nature of etnies custom shoe maker, your new skate shoes are created when you design and order them (they’re not premade) so delivery can take a few weeks. Remember, you can only get these custom skate shoes online, so buy your very own unique custom etnies today and you won’t be disappointed.

Here’s an example of custom etnies Fader’s using the Skatessentials colors. If you like these, you can use the design code 1041610 to get yours exactly like this.

Custom etnies Fader with Skatessentials colors

Here at Skatessentials we have asked etnies several times if they will be relaunching the custom shoe builder program soon and so far there has not been any news as to when or if it will become available. (We’re hoping it’s soon!). In the meantime, we’re really digging the new etnies Sheckler pro models.

What’s your custom creation code? What other shoes do you love? Leave us a comment below!

Custom Skate Shoes How to Design Your Own Custom Etnies by


  1. jacob chapman says

    this is messed up man my brother customized some etnies a few months ago and they wer bad a$$ but now that i wanna try to get some yall dont have that program anymore? ugghh!!!!

  2. Beau Lucas says

    Etnies only cares about mass production, and selling out like DC and Vans. It makes me sick that they did this. I would get at least 2 orders at a time. All the skate shoes now look alike. This gave us an outlet for art and style. If they really wanted to make money and get FREE PRESS…they would bring the program back.

    • says

      Thanks Beau,

      I agree that it sucks. Maybe it was that people were complaining about the pricing, but of course it costs a lot more to do one individual pair of shoes than to pump out 10,000. I don’t know enough about profit margins on shoes to answer that.

      Also, YES! The custom shoes (and you can see my custom Skatessentials shoe) were a way for us to express individuality and therefore feel an attachment to etnies that allowed us to do so.

      I’ve spoken to them several times lobbying for the return of the custom shoe builder. We can hope!

  3. Jesse says

    this is to the Etnies corp or who ever is in charge i would like it if u brought this idea back people want Etnies Cinch!!!!!! this is the number one selling and hard to find Shoe i had to spend 3 years and 300 bucks just to get a pair from the only people that still have them and i got the last pair from great britain and let me tell u that it took way too much time and money i think u should bring it back i promise u its worth your whille there r thousends if not millions that want the Etnies Cinch to come back allso if u do bring it back dont change the design at all its perfect the way it is

  4. Donna Cook says

    Come on already… I was the S**t when I customized my husband’s Etnies… I didn’t care about the price.. There is no amount of $ on having your own personality speak in your own very design!!! I have been waiting and waiting.. May have to change brands… Have been an Etnie fan from wayyyyyyy back!!! That was one of the coolest gifts I was able to give to him… PLEASE LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE>> YOUR PEOPLE>>>US THE LOVER”S OF ETNIES..

  5. Jimmy says

    The Etnies Dasit Brown/Gum Shoes (around 2008) are perfect for an old time skate dad that can skate one day and go to a teachers confrence the next, without changing my shoes. I was hoping to find another pair online and then found the costumize link. It sucks that I can’t t find them shoes or customize my own. The new style of skateboard shoes I see everywhere, don’t work for me. I hope you bring back the ability to customize our own again.

  6. Balrog McMahon says

    I don’t think they still have custom shoes. There was a few in the past but nowadays they seem removed it.


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