Complete Skateboards – Build the magic

So now you’ve got all your skateboard gear, deck, trucks, bearings and wheels. Put it all together (click here for a diagram) with some mounting hardware and a complete skateboard is born. Well, not quite. You still need griptape (comes free with most decks) and possibly riser pads depending on the size of the wheels you plan to use. A skateboard multi tool is also a great thing to own as everything you need to build, take apart and repair your skateboard is included in a lightweight, portable design.

If you have multiple sets of wheels, trucks or decks, work on building the best combination. Huge wheels on a mini deck for example, will most likely make the complete look like it came from a circus somewhere.

Not into mixing and matching? Pre-built skateboard completes can sometimes be found at discount prices.

What’s your setup?

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