Custom Skate Shoes How to Design Your Own Custom Etnies

Etnies custom skate shoes are here. Ever been searching to make the perfect skate shoes only to be disappointed by the lack of options? Maybe you have been through thousands of possibilities, but have yet to find the shoe that is YOU.

Click Here to Build and Customize Your Own Skate Shoes

An etnies online store exclusive, now you can design and customize your own custom skate shoes that are not only great for skating, but also completely personalized by YOU. [Read more...]

Complete Skateboards – Build the magic

So now you’ve got all your skateboard gear, deck, trucks, bearings and wheels. Put it all together (click here for a diagram) with some mounting hardware and a complete skateboard is born. Well, not quite. You still need griptape (comes free with most decks) and possibly riser pads depending on the size of the wheels you plan to use. A skateboard multi tool is also a great thing to own as everything you need to build, take apart and repair your skateboard is included in a lightweight, portable design. [Read more...]

Skateboard Trucks – A guide

You have a deck, wheels, bearings, but you need to attach these all together to have a skateboard, that’s what skateboard trucks are for.

Trucks usually consist of about 6 different parts, the baseplate, which is screwed to the deck, the hanger which sits inside a pivot cup on the baseplate on one end and is bolted by the kingpin on the other end with rubber bushings. The axle for the wheels runs through the center of the hanger. [Read more...]