Bucky’s Boo-BQ at Lasekland 2013 Highlights

This year’s fifth annual Bucky’s Boo-BQ Halloween bash was bigger and badder than ever with the entire event streamed live via webcast.

With plenty of BBQ, beverages, visitors and pros shredding the huge pool, there was fun to be had by all, awards even!

Check out the highlights…

You can also watch the full Bucky’s Boo-BQ recording here courtesy of Pro-Tec.net:


In attendance were skate greats such as Bucky Lasek, Tony Magnusson, PLG, Darren Navarette, Bob Burnquist, Alec Sorgente, Austin Poynter, Steve Revord, Dan Sparagna, Paul Wisniewski and so many others!

Did you go?

Bucky’s Boo-BQ at Lasekland 2013 Highlights by

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