Bam Margera Pro Skater Bio

Name: Bam Margera

Stats: Birthday – Sept. 28, 1979
Resides in Pennsylvania

Bio: Pro skater turned super celebrity, you’ll know Bam from the “CKY” (Camp Kill Yourself) videos, “Jackass” and probably best known for his “Viva La Bam” MTV show (absolutely insanely crazy basically nothing to do with skateboarding, but hilariously out of control television) as well as multiple movies including “Grind” and “Haggard” and he has also been featured in video games such as Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series, Tony Hawk’s Underground series, Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland and the list goes on…

Bam is still a great skater and you will see him throw down from time to time. If you don’t know him for any of the above, you have probably seen or heard of him through his major involvement with Element as Bam Margera skateboard decks are extremely popular and in seemingly infinite demand.

Sponsors: Element, Speed Metal Bearings, Adio

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