Hi, this is Marcus, creator of Skatessentials and fellow skate fanatic.

Over many years of skating I have come to realize that while skateboarding evolves continually, there are also certain basics, or essentials, the starting point for any great skater, that remain basically the same. I’m sure you are aware that there is no shortage of skateboarding sites on the internet, however the quality of information and interest to help fellow skaters is sometimes lacking.

This is where Skatessentials enters the scene. Here you will find a wealth of information designed to guide you to both learn how to skateboard and to improve and master your skate technique, articles on the different parts of a skateboard and their functions, skateboarding trends, clothing, pro skater bios and from time to time, interviews and exclusives from the most influential names in skateboarding, contests, prizes and giveaways.

Skatessentials is a community for skaters, a community for you. I encourage you to take part in conversation, leave your comments on each and every article that you love, article that you hate or even a suggestion or request. Don’t see what you would like to see? Drop me a note.

Thanks for being a part of Skatessentials.